How To Make A Money Fast – A Very Simple ways to get money quick online With A Very Simple Thing

Here’s one question every internet marketer asks ….over and over …What are the ways to get money quick online? With zero budget and no list.

Just like you, I asked everyone I met: Gurus, people make fast and easy money online, people just starting out. It’s the question all beginners have And the answer seems to be a closely guarded secret Until now . Finally, I asked a master marketer that question in front of a group of 40 students. And to my surprise, he laid out a clear 7-step process. You’ll be astounded how simple the answer is The key to getting the right answer is to ask the right question of the right teacher.

What are the steps a newbie should take to make fast and easy money online? — with zero budget and no list.

You know you’ve asked this question yourself and are dying to hear the answer too, so without dilly-dallying, let’s get how to make a money fast? One thing each step followed is the key to make fast and easy money online.


1- Find people who want to buy something .

What does it mean? It’s a huge mind shift. Think about it. If you are like friend to me, may be you will creat software that people can’t live without based on your personal knowledge.

For a newbie, that’s the fastest road to failure. Do NOT create a product first! Imagine yourself when you spend a big chunk of time even more money to create something you think people need that! Well, you were wrong.

That’s when most newbies quit and no money making on internet.

What did they do to make fast and easy money online?

Find the market first… then the offers to promote.

and finding markets is easier than you think it is.  They’re all around you, you just need to tap into them … and one of the easiest ways to do that is a self-diagnosis.

What are my top interests or hobbies?

What are my most dominant personality traits?

What are my top strengths or things I do well?

What are my top weaknesses or things I should improve?

I’ll just write down the answers to those questions on a piece of paper and brainstorm the market related to my answer. Let’s say one of my most dominant personality traits is my organizational skills. The market I could target here is obvious – people looking to become more organized. The question is:  Are there offers I can promote to them?

* Google Zeitgeist – Google makes available the search statistics that are automatically generated based on

millions of searches conducted on Google over a given period of time – weekly, monthly and annually – for free. This tool one from best way earn money online that this tell you what are the people need to offers to them.

* Keyword search – I use the free tool Good Keywords to dive into niches to validate the size and   dedication of a niche.

The key to how to make a money fast online  click here

spoken by the people in the niche. No foreign tongue is necessary. Hang  around the group long enough to learn the jargon though and the language  the members use to describe the problems and solutions.  Listen for the emotions. After you know enough to know what you don’t know, it’s time to ask the right questions to get insight into their fears, hopes, dreams and desires. Learn who they are and what makes them tick. Then ask them what they want. And there’s a great tool for that too. Check it out here.

Step 2:

Find something they want to buy to sell it to them…

 Affiliate marketers do very well when they know how to perform Step 1  properly. Once you’ve found a hungry market, it’s pretty simple to find products to relieve that hunger. ClickBank is a simple source for digital affiliate products for almost any niche. You should never use ClickBank though without knowing how to

protect your vendor and affiliate links. This free special report from Mark Hendricks walks you through the process step by step – without spending a nickel by the way.

Step 3:

Put together a minimal business infrastructure…

 Okay, you’ve found a market and you’ve got a product. Next, you must build the infrastructure that allows you to communicate, manage and profit from your market. Simpler is better at this stage of your business. (Simple is usually better at any stage of a business.)

What do you need to to resolve your question how to make a money fast, appear professional and start your business?

1)  A domain name – this is your “doing business as” moniker like how to make  a money fast

2) A hosting account – a third-party company to handle all the technicalities involved in keeping your domain up.

3) An autoresponder – this is your communication channel. It allows you to create “a list” and build a relationship with those individuals.

People tend to get stuck here. Technical issues scare many folks who aren’t technically inclined. The good news is that you don’t have to be technical at all. In fact, you don’t want to be.

You’re the marketer, not the system administrator. So, we’ll tackle these things with my recommendations. I’ve searched long and hard, used the support folks regularly, and these companies are the winners for me.


When looking for a new domain, I do two things:

1- Hop over to and search for various available domains based on the words relevant to my product. This service is free. They’re hoping to sell you a domain once you found it. And you can buy it there, but I don’t.

Most affiliate marketers register a domain of their own to redirect to an affiliate sales page. For example, I am selling a product that I mentioned earlier called ways to get quick mony. I searched for a domain on with the words “forum manager” in the domain  and came up with “”.

After I find a domain I like, I go to …if you want resolve your question how to make a money fast and and build your own successful business and learn more about how to make a money fast click here.


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